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Vivekanand Shikshan Sanstha's
Vivekanand Arts, Sardar Dalipsingh Commerce and Science College
Samarth Nagar, Aurangabad - 431001 (M.S.) India.
AISHE No.: C-34524, UDISE No: 27191106109

  1. Authorities & Officers
  2. Committees
  3. Professional Code of Conduct
  4. Sections

Authorities & Officers




Vice Principal



Registrar (Head of the Non-Teaching Staff)

  1. In accordance with the Act, Statutes, Ordinances, Rules and Regulations. It shall be the duty of the Registrar to assess and evaluate the performance of Non-Teaching employees and sections and take such measures as he deems fit to regularise and to improve the working of the College.
  2. The Registrar shall have the power to issue warnings reprimands, memos to the non-teaching employees subject to the approval of the Principal.
  3. The Registrar shall be the custodian of the records. The common seal and such other property of the College as the Principal may commit to his charge.
  4. The Registrar shall keep the Minutes of all the meetings and records of such meetings attended by him as ex-officio member secretary.
  5. The Registrar shall co-ordinate the work in the college amongst the teaching and the non-teaching staff.
  6. The Registrar shall bring to the notice of the Principal any of the act of the staff or the students, if prejudicial to the College and / or is not in the interest of the Institution/ College.
  7. The Registrar shall maintain the enquiry service for students, staff and also for visitors to the college regarding courses, being conducted, examination and admission rules and such other allied matters of important nature.
  8. The Registrar shall sign letters issued from the College office of routine nature.
  9. The Registrar shall watch over the work of college affiliation, staff recognition and follow procedure for appointments. He shall also watch, Accounts, Audit, assessment work of Maintenance and other Grants and to keep the check on Accounts of the College.
  10. The Registrar shall look after the Examination work (College/ Board/ University) and shall ensure for the smooth conduct of the examination and prepare necessary work distribution chart in this connection.
  11. The Registrar shall exercise such other powers and perform such other duties as are prescribed or are required from time to time by the Principal of the College and Management of the society.


  1. The Superintendent shall be in-charge of the college office and shall be personally responsible for the smooth conduct and working, for the allotment of work to his subordinates who shall be directly responsible to him with the prior approval of Registrar.
  2. He shall convene the regular meetings of the office staff and laboratory Assistants and shall determine the time dimensions of each of the tasks assigned and supervise the overall working as per the prescribed norms, if any.
  3. He shall issue Memos, reprimands to erring employees. He shall inspect attendance register of the non-teaching staff and take such action as he may deem fit in case of habitual late comers or those who habitually remain absent, by issuing warnings in writing and recommending to the Registrar/ Principal to take the disciplinary action, in case, the same employee shows no improvement.
  4. It shall be the duty of the Superintendent to maintain cordial public relations and to attend to the queries of the members of the public and students and supply information through Registrar/ Principal to Government, University, University Grants Commission, Managements and superior authorities as per requirements. It shall also be the duty to help the members of the public to solve their difficulties concerning office to entertain complaints, if any, against the staff subordinate to him, in the college.
  5. He shall carry out the duties and responsibilities in a just manner without any discrimination and motivate his staff to take their work seriously and willingly and shall pay personal attention to their welfare.
  6. He shall be responsible for the work of the highly confidential nature that may be undertaken by his section. He shall be responsible for preserving of the documents, etc. concerning his section.
  7. The Superintendent shall personally look into the court cases concerning the college and obtain orders from Registrar/ Principal wherever necessary. The Superintendent shall mark and distribute the letters name of dealing assistants or to Heads of Departments in in College. He shall exercise check and follow up letters receive from the Government, University Grant Commission, University Management etc.
  8. He shall draft notes an deal independently cases which are of routine nature. He shall also draft note essentially with reference to relevant rules, regulations, precedence and implications etc. or special cases and submit to higher authority i.e. Registrar or the Principal and give interim replica.
  9. The Superintendent shall point out mistakes or mis-statements, if any, and draw attention wherever necessary to the Statutory or customary practice and point out rules where they are concerned.
  10. The Superintendent shall scrutinise notes or cases submitted by the lower staff, put his own remarks or suggestions, if any, and submit the same to the Registrar or the Principal.
  11. He shall sign letters issued from the college office of routine nature.
  12. The Superintendent shall be responsible of examination work pertaining to Degree College in the overall supervision of Registrar or the Principal.
  13. In case the post of Registrar does not exist in a college, the Superintendent shall perform duties and shall be used with the powers of the Registrar.
  14. Any other work assigned to the Superintendent by the Principal or Registrar from time to time.


  1. The Accountant shall inform periodically the financial position of the college to the Registrar or the Principal of the College, examine and ensure that the code and financial norms are followed by the section or department. He shall prepare and present budget estimates, with the help of Heads of Department in the College. Prepare the budget and income and expenditure statements, maintain all accounts and get them audited.
  2. He shall attend to all the Government scrutiny, inspections and audit.
  3. He shall be responsible for the proper implementation of the financial transactions as per rules, Accounts Code, Statutes, Ordinances, Rules and regulations made in that behalf and monitor the finances of the college as per directions of the Registrar and place before the Committee the financial position of the college such as its receipts, payments, Government grants and balance from time to time.
  4. He shall scrutinise all bills of expenditure before recommending for payment. Maintain cash-book, ledger, bank pass books. He shall watch the progress of the expenditure and receipts of fees, Government grants in time.
  5. If there is no post of Superintendent in the College or if the Superintendent proceeds on leave the Accountant shall carry out the duties of the Superintendent in addition to his own duties.
  6. The Accountant shall carry out any other work entrusted to him by the Principal or Registrar from time to time.

Head Clerk or Deputy Accountant

  1. Head Clerk shall perform the duties as may be assigned to him from time to time, by the Principal, the Registrar or the Superintendent.
  2. He shall be incharge of the unit or section and shall be responsible for its normal and smooth working. He shall assist the Superintendent in the disposal of his duties and shall look after the day to day work in the office of which he is incharge as per the instructions received from the higher uthorities from time to time.
  3. He shall ensure and maintain proper co-ordination and follow up with the other departments or section of the College.
  4. He shall be responsible for smooth, efficient and effective working of the office and timely disposal of cases, letters, bills, reports, returns etc. and decide and maintain proper filing procedure. He shall also ensure that the case or letters requiring immediate and urgent disposal re dealt win immediately.
  5. He shall train the members of his department and prov guidance to all.
  6. He shall dispose of important cases where relevant regulations are clearly applicable and forward otherwise the same to Superintendent or the Registrar with clear and specific comments.
  7. He shall keep exhaustive and self contained notes of important papers passed down and keep their movements till final disposal and also consider the proceeding of the work.
  8. He shall exercise constant vigilance on expenditure quantitative disposal of work, safety of the records, furniture, fittings of the College, regular and orderly behavior of the staff under him. He shall record verbal discussions, orders and instructions which shall be attested by the superior officials present.
  9. He shall attend meetings, issue notice of meetings, prepare agenda and draft minutes of the meetings and take follow up actions.
  10. He shall inspect the racks and tables of assistants working under him and satisfy himself that no paper or files have been overlooked and that there are no old receipts or bills laying undisposed off.
  11. He shall submit notes or drafts for approval of the authorities through the Superintendent.
  12. He shall attend to audit queries and reply to audit report, and also submit necessary statement of accounts.
  13. He shall recover grants due to the Government etc. and shall prepare the requirement of furniture, office equipments, stationery etc. with the consultation of the Higher Authority.
  14. He shall be responsible for the examination work of Junior College unit with overall supervision of Registrar.
  15. He shall attend to any other work assigned to him from time to time by the Higher Authorities.

For the portion begining with the words "The Principal shall assign" and ending with the words "from time to time" the following shall be substituted, namely: "All other non-teaching staff. The Principal shall also assign duties as per needs or requirements of the college from time to time in respect of non-teaching staff.]




NAAC-IQAC (Coordinator)


Head of Departments (HOD)



Assistant Professor


Assistant Professor, Physical Education


In-charge Students' Welfare

  1. To organise and to co-ordinate the students welfare activities at the college;
  2. To organise specific students activities at college level like leadership training, inter-collegiate and inter-University Youth Festivals, cultural activities, talent shows, college tours and the like; subject to the approval of the Principal;
  3. To act as co-ordinator of the activities like N. S. S., N. I. C. and other activities of the similar nature at the college level, as may be assigned by the Principal from time to time.
  4. To organise various functions of national importance/and important functions at the college level like Independence Day, Republic Day, etc.
  5. To promote and encourage cultural, social and literary activities with a view to fostering healthy corporate life in the student community;
  6. To act as a Secretary of the College Students' Welfare Board;
  7. To issue notice or to cause issue notice of the meetings of the Students' Council and of the Students' Executive Union;
  8. To advice, guide and supervise in general the activities of the Students Council and of the Students' Executive Union;
  9. To maintain accounts and hold and manage the funds and property of the Students' Council and the Students' Executive Union in his capacity as a Treasurer of the Students' Council and the Students' Executive Union and submit the same or cause to be submit the same:
  10. To ensure that the accounts of the Students' Council and the Students' Executive Union are duly audited and the auditor's report along with a Statement of Accounts submitted to the Executive Council on or before the 31st of March of the following years on or the date that may be specified by the Principal/Registrar.
  11. To accord sanction and regulate the expenditure with the provisions made in the Budget for the Students' Council and the Students' Executive Union;
  12. To notify as per the statutes governing the election/nomination to the Students' to the Council,
  13. To convene meetings of the class representatives of the college departments under the relevant Faculty and conduct elections or be authorised in consultation with the Principal; to nominate other person/s to conduct elections for the purpose of electing their representatives on the Student's Council as required under Section 34 (1) (iv) of the Act; to be read jointly with Statute 176;
  14. To bring to the notice of the Principal any of the activities of the Students' Council, the Students' Executive Union or any other Students' organisation, if prejudicial to the college or/and is not in the interest of the student.
  15. To perform such other duties as may be assigned to him by the College authorities and assist in any other work that may be allotted to him by the college authorities.

In-charge Training & Placement Officer


In-charge NCC


In-charge NSS


In-charge Hostel


Personal Assistant

  1. The Personal Assistant shall be responsible to the Officer under whom he is working.
  2. He shall be responsible for their personal correspondence, appointments, engagements etc., other than normal office duties.
  3. 3. He shall perform the duties and responsibilities assigned to him by the concerned Officer from time to time.
  4. He shall maintain programme sheets of his officers, prepare drafts of meetings and correspondence of routine nature. He shall organise plan and follow tour programme of his office. He to shall maintain the confidential and other files as per custody. He shall sort out the mail and dispatch it promptly to relevant section. He shall issue reminder etc. in respect cases, where the officer has called for information date he shall maintain absolute confidentiality and integrity in respect the work assigned to him.

Telephone Operator

To operate the telephone Board and take messages if required, inform the telephone department/ the mechanic if there is any fault with the Board. Follow up the payment of telephone bills. maintain records of the outward calls attended. Any other work as assigned by the concerned officer from time

Laboratory Assistants

  1. To assist students and teachers in conducting practicals and experiments.
  2. To maintain dead stock register and register of consumable materials and to undertake physical stock verification of laboratory materials.
  3. To assist the Incharge of Laboratory in purchase and procurement of laboratory materials.
  4. To supervise the work of laboratory attendants working under him.
  5. To assist the Incharge of laboratory in routine administrative matters and to ensure that the laboratory facilities are not misused by any person.
  6. To report about breakages/ losses in laboratory, to his superiors.
  7. To report to Incharge of laboratory about misbehavior inside the laboratory
  8. To ensure that all the cupboards, doors, windows and gates are properly closed by the laboratory attendants.
  9. To attend to such other duties as may be specially brought to his notice with the approval of the Head of the Department.

Laboratory Attendants

  1. To clean laboratory and to keep Laboratory materials including apparatus and equipments in proper place.
  2. To render physical assistance to students, teachers, and other Laboratory Staff in movement of laboratory equipment, instruments, chemical and other materials within and outside the laboratory.
  3. To assist Laboratory Assistant and other laboratory staff in physical stock verification of laboratory equipment, instruments, chemicals and other materials.
  4. To render physical assistance to students and teachers in conducting practicals and experiments.
  5. To report about loss of equipment and other materials to his superiors.
  6. To open and to lock cupboards, doors, windows and gates of laboratory
  7. To attend to delivery of letters connected with laboratory and its staff.
  8. To attend to such other duties which are assigned to him by the Laboratory staff, with the approval of Incharge of the Laboratory


Persons shall -
  1. to open windows etc. in morning and switch on fans and lights and closing to close the same, when not required.
  2. do dusting of office furniture, machines, files, table equipment, switch on light and fans and switch them off when not required, remove and replace covers of machines, filling up inkpots.
  3. do the work of opening, pasting and sorting and arranging papers and circulars in accordance with instructions of the Section Officers / Branch Head, and also do the work of stitching agenda and minutes of meeting according to instructions.
  4. do the work of affixing stamps, sticking and sealing envelopes or wrapper, packing up of parcels.
  5. carry messages, papers, registers, files, circulars, bags, portable size etc., from one place to another inside officer or outside as the case may be.
  6. carry papers, franking machines, etc. within building and other such portable items (office equipment) from one place to another.
  7. Operate franking machine, wherever necessary.
  8. Operate cyclostyling machine, if he could operate that, wherever necessary.
  9. carry out any other work of similar nature which the office incharge Dy. Registrar/ Assist. Registrar/ Section Office Principal/ Office Superintendent, may instruct.
  10. serve drinking water to employees and to visitors, when required.
  11. despatch letters including letters by hand delivery (all peons getting bank duty allowance shall take cash/ cheques etc. To banks, as per instructions) .
  12. Any other work as may be assigned to him by the concerned officer from time to time.
  13. Peon-cum-Hamal shall also have to attend to the duties assigned to Hamals.


Sweeping and cleaning the Lavoratries, latrines, floors in the building and college premises and any other office work related to cleaning as assigned by the officer/ Hawaldar/ Mukadam. Any other work as may be assigned to him by the concerned officer from time to time. Senior Research Officers, Junior Research Officers, Research Associates, Research assistants, Research investigators, Cartographers, etc., Working in the college The duties of the above cadres shall be as assigned by the concerned head of the department from time to time. Non-teaching staff working in the Colleges. The Principal shall assign duties to the non-teaching employees working under them, as per the needs/ requirements of the college, from time to time.