To facilitate research environment, College has established Central Research Facility (CRF) under first phase of College with Potential for Excellence (CPE) scheme bestowed by UGC in XI plan. The main objective behind this initiative is to promote and sustain innovative research activities in the College in cognizance with society & Industrial needs. The facility had been designed under the guidance of professional expertise to attain the state-of-the-art standards in research instrumentation. High throughput instruments and advanced statistical software’s have been procured in CRF to generate research thrust among the faculty members, research scholars & postgraduate students. This facility also acts as a bridge between various departments in the campus to carry out interdisciplinary research. This will facilitate the connection between the College, Industry and the society to formulate research goals. The facility is extendable to the Industry and other educational institutions to foster useful research. The organizations of training, orientation programmes and workshops to sensitize students and faculty members on new development in science and advanced instrumentation is the routinely activity of the centre. The facility is open for collaboration with advanced instruments manufacturers, dealer and supplier for research and training. The facility proposed to expand under second phase of College with Potential for Excellence (CPE) scheme awarded by UGC, New Delhi under XII plan.