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Vivekanand Shikshan Sanstha's
Vivekanand Arts, Sardar Dalipsingh Commerce and Science College
Samarth Nagar, Aurangabad - 431001 (M.S.) India.
AISHE No.: C-34524, UDISE No: 27191106109

Department of Biotechnology & Microbiology

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Funded Research Projects

Sr No Project Title P.I/Co-PI Funding Agency Amount Duration Status
01 Pilot scale studies of E-waste management using economical and ecofriendly method Dr. Adhapure N. N. PI BIRAC 27.5 1 .5 Yr Sanctioned Ongoing
02 Scale up of technology for Laboratory waste treatment with simultaneous generation of Bioenergy Dr. Adhapure N. N. Co-PI DST 19.81 01 Yr Recommended
03 To determine the pathogenic protozoan organisms associated with packaged drinking water in our communities Mr. Jadhav A. B. PI DBT 8.0 01 Yr Completed
04 Foldscope as a research tool Dr. Adhapure N. N. PI DBT 8.0 01 Yr Completed
05 Media balancing and scale up study for the production of Spirulina SCP. Mr. Jadhav A. B. Co-PI College - Under UGC's CPE/Phase-II/Teacher's Enrichment Scheme 0.5 01 Yr Completed
06 Co-processing of waste water and production of 3rd generation Biofuel. Dr. Adhapure N. N. Co-PI Do 0.5 01 Yr Completed
07 Production of Microbial Lactase for Manufacturing of Lactose Free Milk. Mr. Inamdar Areeb Co-PI Do 0.5 01 Yr Completed
08 Production of alpha tocopherol from Euglena sp. Mr Vishal Sangawe Co-PI Do 0.5 01 Yr Completed